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Impact planning toolkit (Univ. of Sheffield)

This toolkit has been developed around five questions to help researchers understand their potential impact, consider new and existing stakeholders and get the most out of their engagement activities.


Pathway to impact builder

Fasttrackimpact® provides 10 questions and your answers will turn into a draft Impact Summary and Pathway to Impact in a Word document you can edit, ready for submission in your application. This has been developed for funding applications to UKRI, but will provide a useful basis for the impact sections of applications to other funders.


Research to impact canvas (Kids Brain Health Network)
This one page tool assists in planning research, knowledge translation and commercialization activities. Research to Impact Canvas
 (empty, editable version):

This one page tool assists in planning research, knowledge translation and commercialization activities.

Research to Impact Canvas (editable version): 

Identifying stakeholders

Stakeholders in research (Univ. of Sheffield)

map of potential stakeholders in research.

Stakeholder mapping




Engaging stakeholders

Action Catalogue

The Action catalogue is an online decision support tool that is intended to enable researchers, policy-makers and others wanting to conduct inclusive research, to find the method best suited for their specific project needs.


Making a convincing plan

Theory of Change

TOC maps out your initiative through 6 stages:

  • Identifying long-term goals
  • Backwards mapping and connecting the preconditions or requirements necessary to achieve that goal and explaining why these preconditions are necessary and sufficient.
  • Identifying your basic assumptions about the context.
  • Identifying the interventions that your initiative will perform to create your desired change.
  • Developing indicators to measure your outcomes to assess the performance of your initiative.
  • Writing a narrative to explain the logic of your initiative.


Links covering more than one tool

ACCOMPLISH. Guide to Impact Planning. Feb 2019



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