How we define impact and what you can do to achieve it.

We all know the proverb ”All roads lead to Rome”. The meaning of the proverb is of course that there are MANY ways to achieve a given result - not literally, that you will achieve your results even if your walk around with no direction at all. If you want to go to Rome you actually have to plan HOW you will get there.

As research support officers we want to support researchers in getting to Rome, and help him/her achieving the potential impacts of his/her project. He/she needs to plan the steps that will make him/her reach the desired impacts.

This section helps you to understand how to develop pathways to impact and lists tools to help in the process.

Below we have  assembled a set of tools and articles that can help you ask some of the fundamental questions, which should be answered to increase the likelihood that the projects expected impacts are realized. Some of the tools cover the whole “pathway to impact”. whereas others go into more details with specific elements along the way.

Link to tools

Identifying stakeholders that can affect the impact of your project

HOW and WHEN to engage with the different stakeholders?

Is your “pathway to impact” coherent and convincing?

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