Impact cookbook

In the Impact cookbook you will find contact information, description, name of funder as well as a link to relating documents.

Responsible contact: Jeanineke Dahl Kristensen

Description: Dr. Seán Mc Carthy has compiled a number of links to EU guidelines related to impact. Unfortunately it s not possible to have a link to his own very useful handbook on “How to Write the Impact and Abstract of a Horizon 2020 Proposal

Funder: EU

Link og Type:  http://www.hyperion.ie/h2020-impact.htm 

Responsible contact: Dixi Louise Strand

Description: An online toolkit for clinicians, managers, and researchers to think through key issues around implementation, embedding, and integration.

Funder: Health care area

Link og Type: Toolkit primarily for end-of-grant KT but could be used integrated or an  onset of a project

Responsible contact: Dixi Louise Strand

Description: A framework based on logic model for planning and orienting research towards impact. Tools for mapping  activities,output, and expected impacts and for thinking through relevant stakeholders to involve, secondary outputs and impacts etc.

Funder: Mainly health care area but could be relevant for other areas

Link og Type: Research article explanation and examples of the approach 

https://health-pol icy-systems.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12961-016-0131-2

Responsible contact: Dixi Louise Strand

Description: Research article explaining a network model and how impacts are created through networks and what they call complex adaptive systems.

Funder:  Mainly health care area but could be relevant for other areas.

Link og Type: Research article- but could be adapted more practically to map stakeholders, networks and potential impact clusters of a project. http://www.ijhpm.com/article_3385.html 

Responsible contact:  Pernille Hamburger Grøngaard

Description:  A guide for coordinators onstructure and bvcontent of the IMPACT section in Horizon 2020 proposals. The guide is prepared by the administrative division Research and External Relations, the Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture and Communications Press, Aarhus University, 2015

Funder: Horizon 2020

Link og Type: Impact Guide https://medarbejdere.au.dk/fileadmin/user_upload/AU_IMPACT_191216.pdf

Responsible contact: Nanna S.Villumsen

Description: Book containing tips and tricks for writing H2020 proposals. p. 125 -139 are dedicated to the impact section of applications.

N.B. the book is in Danish 

Funder: H2020

Link og Type:  Book: Sådan skriver du en succesfuld EU-ansøgning - En uofficiel håndbogom Horizon 2020 by Anders Bjerrum

Responsible contact: Kirsten Gelting

Description: Fasttrackimpact Professor Mark S. Reed’s homepage with usefull articles etc.

Funder: H2020 / other (For all scientific fields)

Link og Type: Book https://www.fasttrackimpact.com/what-is-impact

Responsible contact: Kirsten Gelting

Description: Annotated Impact template, made by Danish pre-award consultants, collected by UFM (2015)

Funder: H2020

link and type: https://ufm.dk/forskning-og-innovation/tilskud-til-forskning-og-innovation/eu-og-internationale-programmer/horizon-2020/tvaergaende-emner-i-horizon-2020/annotated-impact-template-v2_september2015.pdf

Responsible contact: Kirsten Gelting

Description: Impact Literacy Workbook (Phipps and Bayley, 2017), also distributed at the DARMA impact meeting

Funder: All fields, funders.

Link og Type: https://www.emeraldpublishing.com/resources/impact-literacy-workbook/

You can order your own copy for download from the webpage.

Responsible contact: Ann Cathrine Støy

Description: An evaluation of Center for Intervention Research in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
with focus on from research to practice, politics, general knowledge, media and citations.

Funder: TrygFonden

Link og Type: http://reader.livedition.dk/trygfonden/339/

Responsible contact: Martin Lund

Description:  The Novo Nordisk Foundation's definitions of what impact can be, and a split into impact sectors of society with indicators for each sectoral category (this is not an all-encompassing list of impact indicators, far from it). This rough grouping of impact sectors makes the the complexessubject of impact more comprehensible in some (though far from all) cases:

1 Academia

Journal articles (type: citation impact, 1 and 10% most frequently cited worldwide respectively, nationally and internationally co-authored respectively, published in cross-disciplinary journals, no of first and last authors), interdisciplinarity, academic specilizations

2 Public sector

Guidelines used by general prationers, medical products developed, interventions and clinical trials, knowledge dissemination activities (e g school audiences),  courses organized, particularly for healthcare professionals, PhD students and postdocs supported, impact cases, interviews grantees, career development for grantees

3 Private sector

Number of grantees collaborations with Danish and foreign companies, industrially co-authored journal articles, no of patents and patent applications, grantees’ collaborations with research-active companies.

Funder: Novo Nordisk Fonden

Link og Type: Social impact report 2017

Responsible contact: Camilla Riel

Description:  Science Foundation Ireland has lists with examples of different types of impact (economic, societal, public service, environmental, international engagement, human capacity) and a useful guide to writing impact statements.


Link og Type: https://researchimpactacademy.com/

Responsible contact: Camilla Riel

Description: This blog post by prof. Mark Reed explains how to write a good research impact case study

Funder: http://www.mayaproject.org/blog/2015/10/16/how-to-write-a-winning-research-impact-case-study

Responsible contact: Camilla Riel

Description: RAND Europe's guide Measuring Research focuses mailey on academic impact, but the considerations regarding methods ect. are useful when choosing how to evaluate reserach


Link og Type: https://www.rand.org/randeurope/research/science-technology-innovation/focus-on-research-impact.html

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