The Nordic US Grants Network

DARMA hosts the Nordic US Grants Network that offers a platform for communication, knowledge sharing, and collaboration for employees at higher education institutions in the Nordic Countries that are involved in the acquisition and management of research grants from US funders. 

The Nordic US Grants Network is Headed by Olaf Svenningsen.

The network offers

  • Thematic discussions – members may post their own themes.
  • Multiple ways to follow discussions: via the website or through an e-mail client (like MS Outlook or Apple Mail). 
  • Option to restrict access to discussions to any group of members, e.g. from a particular country or ad hoc groups. 
  • Calendar of events with RSS-feed.
  • Possibility to post and access e.g. web links and documents, and to collaborate on documents in real-time (through the whiteboard function).
  • Access to contact information for the members of the network.
  • Annual meetings.

Become a member of the Nordic US Grants Network

To access the Nordic US Grants Network, you need to be a DARMA member or a DARMA Network member.

DARMA Network membership is free of cost. It does not give access to full DARMA benefits. The DARMA network membership will give you access to the Nordic discussion forum and your national discussion forum as well as to documents etc.

  • Nordic Forum
  • Danish Forum
  • Finnish Forum
  • Norwegian Forum
  • Swedish Forum

To become a member, send an e-mail with your name, e-mail address, and affiliation to Olaf Svenningsen or the DARMA Secretariat.

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