DARMA News are written by the DARMA President and the board. It contains brief updates on topics considered of relevance to the DARMA members. News usually cover ongoing activities in the Board, news from the special interest groups, reflections on recent workshops and seminars, activities in sister societies etc.

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  • 21 May 2015 16:56 | Olaf Svenningsen (Administrator)

    After (too?) much testing, I am reasonably confident that the event registration process works properly, and registration for DARMA's Annual Conference 2015 in Odense 8-9 June is now open. The conference fee is DKK 1,000 without VAT/moms.

    This year's conference is only open for members; please log in before completing the registration. Locate the "Register" button, and the registration should be easy and straightforward. Payment can be done either directly or later, and either with credit card or "e-faktura" (electronic invoice with EAN number).

    When registering, please remember to inform us about any special dietary requirements (vegetarian, allergies, or other).

  • 27 Apr 2015 20:00 | Olaf Svenningsen (Administrator)

    DARMA's medlemmer indkaldes hermed tll generalforsamling 2015, der afholdes på Syddansk Universitet i Odense, Campusvej 55, lokale O100, kl. 12:30. Generalforsamlingen vil i år indlede årsmødet.

    I henhold til vedtægterne skal forslag der ønskes behandlet på generalforsamlingen sendes til DARMA senest 4 uger før generalforsamlingen, hvilket i år er senest mandag d. 11. maj.

    Den endegyldige dagsorden og materiale sendes til medlemmerne senest 10 dage før generalforsamlingen.

    Dagsorden for Generalforsamlingen

    1. Valg af dirigent

    2. Godkendelse af dagsorden

    3. Bestyrelsens beretning for det forgangne år

    4. Forelæggelse samt godkendelse af regnskab, jf. Vedtægternes pkt. 9

    5. Fremlæggelse af Bestyrelsens plan for arbejdet i det kommende år og budget for samme

    6. Godkendelse af kontingent for det kommende kalenderår.

    7. Indkomne forslag

    8. Valg af medlemmer til Bestyrelsen, herunder

    • Valg af Formand
    • Valg af Kasserer
    • Valg af medlemmer
    • Valg af revisor og -suppleant

    9. Eventuelt

    På vegne af DARMA's bestyrelse,

    Olaf Svenningsen,Formand

  • 11 Feb 2015 16:55 | Olaf Svenningsen (Administrator)

    The journal "Research Policy" recently pre-published a paper by Eugene Day of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Day has created a mathematical simulation of peer review of grant proposals, concluding that this process is very sensitive to any ind of bias, statistically speaking. 

    You can read a summary of the study on the ScienceInsider web pages, where you will also find a link to download the paper. 

    If you work in pre-award, this is almost required reading...

  • 16 Jan 2015 07:48 | Olaf Svenningsen (Administrator)

    On DARMA's new website, it is possible to log in using your Facebook or Google+ account. This is how it works:

    When you click one of the social network login buttons, you will be prompted to sign into the corresponding social network. If you are already logged into your social network using the same email address associated with your DARMA account, clicking the button will automatically log you into DARMA's membership pages.

    Once you are logged in via a social network, your social network details – including your network name and avatar – will be displayed within the Social network login section of your private member profile.

    If you use a different email address for your social network account, you can click the Connect button to log into your social network. To disconnect from your social network without logging off from your Wild Apricot account, click the Disconnect link from your member profile.

  • 23 Dec 2014 23:01 | Olaf Svenningsen (Administrator)

    The new website of DARMA is finally ready to be launched. There are still many modifications and corrections that need to be done, but the functionality of the site is largely in place with some important exceptions:

    • Due to technical reasons, it has not been possible to set up the associations new e-mail addresses properly before the holidays, and the currently used is a temporary one.
    • An e-mail is sent to all members on how to get a password for the site.
    • Membership fee payments are not activated, but will be so during January 2015.
    So please look around, but be aware that the site will be fine-tuned during the holiday season – and please enjoy the holidays as much as possible:

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