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  • 16 Oct 2016 18:05 | Olaf Svenningsen (Administrator)

    Innovationsfonden og DARMA vil den 7. december afholde en workshop om administration af fondens virkemidler. Formålet er at afsøge løsninger som kan bidrage til en endnu mere effektiv administration og koordinering af fondens virkemidler.

    Workshoppen er nu åben for tilmelding frem til 11. november her...

  • 03 Oct 2016 23:25 | Olaf Svenningsen (Administrator)

    If you missed the webinar on the EC/OpenAIRE FP7 Post-Grant Open Access Pilot Implementation in Denmark, or if you wish to revisit it, the recorded webinar is now accessible by following this link: 


    A fact sheet about the pilot, which allows for support of publication of post-grant articles in Open Access journals, is available in PDF format here...

  • 28 Sep 2016 17:19 | Olaf Svenningsen (Administrator)

    The NUAS planning group on Research and Innovation is arranging a seminar and workshop to start a discussion among Nordic universities regarding how to measure the quality and performance of research and innovation services. The seminar and workshop takes place in Reykjavik, Iceland on 1-2 December 2016.

    Read more about this event here...

  • 28 Sep 2016 17:08 | Olaf Svenningsen (Administrator)

    On November 1st 2016, the Danish Think Tank DEA, and the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation organizes a seminar in Copenhagen on the topic of international research funding, prospects for funding beyond the EU. In connection with the event, a report by DEA and FI on the topic of the conference will be released. From the announcement:

    "University research support units (RSO) play a key role in supporting researchers in applying for money from international funding bodies – not least in the case of international funding bodies beyond Horizon 2020. DEA’s study, however, has had an explicit focus on researchers and managers at Danish universities rather than the RSO’s. Consequently, the study only scratches the surfaces of understanding the role of RSO’s in a strategic focus on raising international research funding beyond Horizon 2020. What are the prospects and limits for the proactive role of the RSO? What are the prospects for a coordinated effort between The Ministry for Higher Education and Research – i.e. the Innovation Centers – and the universities? And what is the potential for better collaboration between Danish universities?"

    Read more about the seminar at DARMA's website...

  • 21 Sep 2016 17:09 | Olaf Svenningsen (Administrator)

    Den 28. september kl. 13 præsenterer Pablo de Castro fra LIBER (Association of European Research Libraries) et webinar om mulighederne for at søge økonomisk støtte til Open Access publicering for afsluttede FP7-projekter.

    Nærmere oplysninger og tilmeldingslink her (in English)...

    Interesserede kunne være forskerstøtteenheder, forskere, projekt koordinatorer og biblioteksmedarbejdere. Del gerne denne invitation med andre interesserede.

    Webinaret er forløber for en national workshop om Open Science og Horizon2020 som afholdes på Syddansk Universitet den 16. november 2016.

  • 04 Jun 2016 09:36 | Olaf Svenningsen (Administrator)

    The photos from DARMA's Annual Meeting 2016 in Nyborg are now posted on DARMA.dk...

  • 01 Jun 2016 15:17 | Olaf Svenningsen (Administrator)

    The Association's Annual Meeting 2016 concluded yesterday. C. 75 delegates, including the speakers participated in the lunch-to-lunch meeting at Sinatur Hotel Storebælt with a spectacular view of the Great Belt Bridge and the beach from the conference venue.

    The program is available on the 2016 Annual Meeting web page, where you can read about, and download, the presentations. The new session type Hot Topic Roundtable Discussion was tested and if you participated, but did not get some important comments or suggestions into the discussion, or if you have comments on other discussion topics than the one you participated in, or if you did not participate in the conference, but wish you had, discussion fora for each of the topics have been created:

    1. Benchmarking of research management and administration
    2. Communication in research advise
    3. Organising research support
    4. DARMA Strategy
    I and the board would love to see many comments and suggestions on these topics!
  • 14 Apr 2016 10:28 | Olaf Svenningsen (Administrator)

    DARMA's medlemmer indkaldes til årets generalforsamling, der afholdes på Sinatur Hotel Storebælt i Nyborg d. 30. maj 2016, kl. 11-12.

    Flere oplysninger...

  • 14 Mar 2016 09:43 | Olaf Svenningsen (Administrator)

    DARMA received the following message from the INORMS Secretariat:

    INORMS 2016 will offer an exciting program of internationally recognised speakers and a blend of relevant pre conference workshops and site visits to major research facilities in the region. We are keen to showcase international presentations from our sister society colleagues and invite your members to submit an abstract, closing date now extended to 31 March 2016.    We also ask that you promote the conference more broadly to your networks and I have provided below a promotional e-zine to be used for this purpose.  Please also visit the website for regular program updates.

  • 06 Nov 2015 16:07 | Olaf Svenningsen (Administrator)

    Programmet for DARMA's og FI's erfa-møde om amerikanske fonde og fundingmuligheder er åben for registrering og der er stadig pladser tilbage.

    Det endelige program præsenteres i begyndelsen af næste uge.

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