Chan Zuckerberg Initiative reaches out to RMA offices

30 Aug 2020 13:23 | Annedorte Vad (Administrator)

Though the INORMS Council DARMA has received a message from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative regarding their support to biomedical research:

From: Norbert Tavares <ntavares@chanzuckerberg.com>
Subject: CZI funding opportunities for INORMS members

Good day,

I am a program manager with the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. CZI is a philanthropy that funds and supports biomedical research via targeted grantmaking and open competitions for grant applicants in the specific scientific areas of single-cell biology, genomics, neurodegeneration, biomedical imaging, computational biology, and rare disease patient-driven research organizations, among others. The ambitious long-term goal of CZI is to accelerate progress in science to make it possible to cure, prevent, or manage all diseases by the end of this century. 

We are trying to extend our reach to international institutions and researchers working in the scientific research areas we fund. We are trying to compile a list of the Sponsored Research Offices or Foundation Relations Office equivalents for major universities and research institutes, in particular in the Global South, to invite them to opt into our mailing list for funding opportunities announcements. Is this something your organization would be able to help with? Do you have contact lists for the appropriate administrative offices and or relevant academic research departments in the areas we fund that you would be able to share with us? Advice on the best route for letting your member research institutions know about CZI's funding opportunities would be appreciated?



Norbert Tavares, Ph.D.

Science Program Manager

Single-Cell Biology Programs

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