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22 Jan 2020 10:00 | Annedorte Vad (Administrator)

First of all, I would like to wish everyone a happy new year. It's a little late. But the new year has not only arrived, you blink twice, and it is already the end of the first month.

In this newsletter I will look ahead for what 2020 will bring and dwell just a little on the 2019 activities.

The board have just had the first board meeting of 2020 where we planned the upcoming activities for DARMA. So far, we have planned the following:

  • There is obviously the Annual Meeting and General Assembly, which will be held in Vejle this year where more members can attend. See more and sign up (registration opens in February) on http://darma.dk/event-3699719  
  • There is the Introduction Course which is relevant for those who are new in RMA (< 5 year experience). You can read more and sign up on http://darma.dk/event-3581160 please note that if your membership has not been renewed yet you cannot sign up online, but will have to contact the planning group on introkursus@darma.dk
  • The Master Classes continues. The next one is on Impact hosted by Hanne Dahl Mortensen from SDU. It will be held as a webinar 18 February 2020. Read more and sign up on http://darma.dk/event-3712560
  • The Topical Network on Research Indicators has a meeting on open science and bibliometrics 4 February in Kolding. You can sign up on http://darma.dk/event-3693121
  • Study tours. The study tour to Brussels will as usual be held in December. With the Horizon Europe coming up we are currently looking into expanding the number of delegates that can attend. A study tour to Copenhagen with focus on Foundations is under development, and we are also working with ARMS and SRA about a Study tour to Boston with a focus on leadership in RMA as a pre-event to the SRA International Annual Meeting 

The DARMA homepage

The board has decided that most of the information on the homepage should be accessible without a login and have already rearranged some of the content. This work is still under development so bear with us for pages that are still outdated and without information. We will focus on this in the coming months.

The new area 'Professional Development' is where you will now find information about DARMA's learning universe such as the Annual Meeting, Training Courses, Workshops, Study Tours, Special Interest Groups and Master Classes. The information from the SIG's still require a login to view and whether this will change is up to each of the groups to decide. Two new Special Interest Groups kicked off in 2019. It is the one on Impact and the one on Private Foundations. To be included in the mailings to the group members logon to the website and sign up for 'membership' by ticking the relevant boxes.

A lookback on 2019

In 2019 DARMA announced 79 job openings relevant to Research Managers and Administrators. Check out www.darma.dk/jobs for current openings. At the moment four jobs are posted and we will continues positing relevant job opportunities here.

We used the webpage for announcing News from the board and the Blog for announcement that can be commented on or shared by members. We also used the LinkedIn group as a great place for discussion. Sign up if you haven't already.

Get involved

At a DARMA event I attended I noticed the seat next to me was empty and a member looking desperately for a different place to sit. I was a little puzzled… and as it was the last seat, the poor guy had to sit next to me. Are you afraid of me I asked and he said no, but I always feel so guilty when I decline to volunteer, when you ask. My learning from this experience is obviously to stop pestering the DARMA members and I will make this my new year resolution. Having said that, I will however, as always, still invite everyone to write to me if you have input or ideas you would like to bring to the board or if you want to volunteer for a specific task - for instance by sharing your knowledge in a Master Class, start a SIG or plan a study tour. You can reach me on president@darma.dk, Marianne on kasserer@darma.dkand the board in general on darma@darma.dk.

Kind regards,

Annedorte Vad, DARMA President
Danish Association of Research Managers and Administrators, DARMA
CBS Research Support Office. Copenhagen Business School (visiting address: Steen Blichers vej 22, 2000 Frederiksberg) 

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