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28 Sep 2019 17:46 | Annedorte Vad (Administrator)

DARMA has launched the first Master Classes, the RAAAP is on the way, DARMA members volunteer and several events are under development - this is just the headlines for this mail. If you are interested in knowing more continue reading. 

Board Meetings

The board has held it's first meeting in person and the schedule for the next meetings has been announced on Board meetings. This is also where you will find the minutes of the meetings (for DARMA members only)

DARMA Master Classes

There are so many experienced DARMA members and the best way to utilitise their knowledge for the benefit of our society is by bringing it forward and sharing it. DARMA therefore offers a platform for that. A Master Class is a new forum for sharing your knowledge. It can be in the form of a short meeting or a webinar. The thought behind it is that a subject matter expert shares her/his knowledge with an interested audience. 

The first Master Class will be a webinar on CV Writing performed by Hanne Dahl Mortensen from SDU. The event takes place 24 October and you can sign up online

DARMA members are active in INORMS 

DARMA is member of INORMS. That means that as a DARMA member you are also an INORMS member. INORMS bring together research management societies and associations from across the globe. Its purpose is to enable interactions, share good practice, and coordinate activities between the member societies, to the benefit of their individual membership. The board has agreed that Lone Bredahl Jensen from SDU represents DARMA in the INORMS Research Evaluation Working Group, and Jan Andersen from DTU represents DARMA in the main INORMS Working Group. Both groups refer to the INORMS Council where the DARMA president is a member. See more on http://darma.dk/inorms 

RAAAP Survey

Jan Andersen has send me the following blurp to advertise for the RAAAP survey that will be sent out to you next week. We really hope you will take the time to answer the survey and thereby contribute to building the global knowledge about our profession. The results of the last survey are online and available on https://raaapworldwide.wordpress.com/

Hjælp, der er en RAAAP på vej. Men bare rolig det er hverken en ny farlig virus eller en tropisk storm. RAAAP er den globale 5-årlige temperatur-tagning på vores profession: Hvordan har vi det, hvad laver vi og hvad er vores udfordringer. RAAAP gennemføres i et globalt samarbejde mellem forskningsadministrations foreninger i regi af International Network og Research Management Societies (INORMS).

Upcoming events

  • Registration for the DARMA Bruxelles study tour has been launched on http://darma.dk/event-3243399
  • SRAI is hosting a workshop for individuals and teams who have research leadership and management responsibilities at their institutions (Vice Presidents, Assistant Vice Presidents, and Directors). It is highly popular and will be hosted at the SRAI Annual meeting in San Fransisco October 2019. See more on http://darma.dk/event-3487553
  • A study tour for the foundations to meet the University's Research Support Offices is scheduled for December 2020. University of Copenhagen has kindly agreed to host the meeting
  • Are you new in Research Management and Administration the DARMA introkursus is worth attending. It will be hosted 18-20 March 2020. The course is already announced and registration will open soon on http://darma.dk/event-3553647
  • The Annual meeting is scheduled for 13-14 May 2020 - so save the date already now. The place of the venue will change to be able to accommodate more members - but keep an eye out for the launch of the event as it usually gets fully booked very quickly

This will be all for now. As always, I invite everyone to write to me if you have input or ideas you would like to bring to the board or if you want to volunteer for a specific task - for instance by sharing your knowledge in a Master Class. You can reach me on president@darma.dk and the board in general on darma@darma.dk 

Kind regards,


Annedorte Vad, DARMA President

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