The DARMA Networks

DARMA is the premier place for networking with Danish peers in Research Management and Administration. But collaboration internationally is equally as important and DARMA support exchange of best practice with peers all over the world through various foras. 

Associations for Research Managers and Administrators

DARMA collaborates with a number of international associations (Sister organisations). Feel free to reach out to them directly or contact the DARMA Secretariat to do it on your behalf.

DARMA members has been active volunteers in some of those, making them our closest collaborators, these are:

Topical Networks

DARMA has teamed up with peers from outside of DARMA in establishing topical networks. The Topical networks are open to DARMA Members and anyone who register as a DARMA Network Member (free of charge).

Missing Groups and Networks

Contact the DARMA Secretariat if you have an idea for an new group or network. To join an existing group or network simply update your preferences in your membership profile once you are logged in.

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