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SRA International – 2017 International/Canadian Section Meeting

  • 14 May 2017
  • (WEDT)
  • 16 May 2017
  • (WEDT)
  • Reykjavik, Iceland

SAVE THE DATE! International/Canadian Section is "Going Global"

We are excited to announce, the first SRAI Section meeting held on non-North American soil. We are presenting a program that embraces the International research enterprise, with its many-faceted challenges, opportunities, and perspectives.The meeting is hosting three tracks:

Leadership: Whether you’re aspiring to a leadership role, or already deluged under its challenges, sessions in the Leadership track will provide attendees with insights, best-practices, and opportunities to explore what it means to be a leader in the research administration field.

Funding Options & Opportunities: How is research funded in your part of the world? Do your funders/sponsors allow for international applicants or collaborators? Are there research funding/partnership opportunities that you want the world to know about? In this track, presenters will discuss research funding options and opportunities, and will share their insights and advice on the challenges of securing research funding.

International Perspectives: This is an intentionally all-inclusive track intended to allow a diverse range of presenters an opportunity to speak about whatever hot-topics/challenges are relevant in their areas of the world. To inspire those attending, suggested topics are: how to develop and manage of complex international collaborations; what makes and international collaboration worthwhile – transactional costs vs. benefits; what research enterprise and innovation challenges are you facing; how do you assess value and impact of international collaborations. Attending sessions in this track will broaden your perspective to the international research environment and give you insights on how other institutions and countries respond to challenges and opportunities of international collaboration.

We hope to see you in Iceland!

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