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Global Sponsored Project Administration

  • 02 Sep 2015
  • (WEDT)
  • 04 Sep 2015
  • (WEDT)
  • ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Global Sponsored Project Administration

A workshop sponsored by NCURA Region VIII (International)

"An international, inspiring, creative and thought-provoking 2.5 day workshop for professional research managers and administrators focusing on US funding for non-US institutions."

The primary goal of the Global Fundamentals Workshop is to create a supportive environment that allows research managers and administrators focusing on US grants and contracts in general and with the NIH in specific, to reach their full potential to create, develop, communicate and transfer new knowledge. Recent years have shown that the global reach of universities world-wide have developed dramatically. For each research institution, it is becoming increasingly more important to extend its network of international partnerships and collaborations in education, research, business and healthcare, and with the global development sector, governments, charities and philanthropists. Among others this can be achieved by extending and deepening relationships with overseas research organizations.

The Global Fundamentals Workshop therefore offers interested research managers and administrators a two and one half-day professional development opportunity that focuses primarily on the post-award phase of US grants including financial aspects of administering US grants, audits, communication with NIH, monitoring of sub-awardees outside US. This workshop provides an in-depth look at financial compliance issues through a combination of lecture, case studies, review of audit reports, and a discussion of best practices. The workshop presents the legal as well as financial issues of sponsored programs management.

Who should attend: Whether you are a research manager/administrator or financial manager/administrator in a department, a post-award office or a combined sponsored programs office that supports pre- and post-award functions this workshop will help you, your institution and your faculty. Attendees are encouraged to have a minimum of two years of sponsored projects administration experience with US grants.

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