DARMA Update 14 August 2018

13 Aug 2018 13:49 | Olaf Svenningsen (Administrator)

Summer vacations are ending after the hottest summer that I can remember, and cooler rainy weather comes just as I return to work – not the other way around, which is more common. When I look at all the task waiting ahead, the familiar mild post-vacation despair comes over me, as always.

For DARMA, I may be able to present a candidate for a new Association Chair within soon, but the suspense will continue for just a little bit more. Meanwhile, I encourage members to participate on August 27th in DARMA's workshop on holding inspiring meetings. There is a fee for participating, but DARMA members get a hefty reduction on what this kind of event would normally cost. There are still spaces left, but one will disappear soon, when I sign up for the workshop... (if the registration doesn't work, please register before 21 August by mail to darma@darma.dk).

Another DARMA meeting has been posted, the "Finding funding" workshop that has been on the planning table for some time. Preparations are in full swing, so mark 20 November in your calendars! We are also planning more workshops with the Ministry for Research and Higher Education, and the ambition is to have parallel DARMA workshops with broader attendance; more info on this will be posted here.

In the category "Reading suggestions", I would recommend everybody to read the report "Evaluations and Evaluators in Horizon2020" if you haven't already. The report is written and (I think) conceived by a group of experts, almost all of them DARMA members. Many, if not most of the observations and conclusions are generally applicable, and provide very useful insights for anybody working with grant proposal counselling .

Another interesting, if not important, read is the report on the possible effects of Brexit on Danish research and higher education. The Swedish Vinnova Agency has written a similar Brexit report, but the Danish version has a more interesting approach, I think. Anyway, I think it's interesting that two so very different approaches have been chosen for the same topic.

Finally, I was just (today) made aware of a new analysis of the rules for EC proposal for the rules for participation and dissemination in EU r&I programmes (direct link to PDF), which at a first glance looks comprehensive, but still easy to overview.

If you have any additional suggestions, please don't hesitate to post them in the comments below.

Finally, there are a number of interesting job openings at DARMA.dk for anyone who might be looking for new challenges. Three positions are open at Copenhagen University (two at Kontoret for Forskningsservice, with deadline already August 15th), one position is open at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation (KADK) (deadline 24 August), Research Services at Lund University is looking for a competent EU adviser with  application deadline of 27 August, and finally the Faculty of Law at KU is hiring with deadline 12 September.

Since the position at Lund is at the unit I'm head of and it is in another country I will shamelessly promote it: We would very much welcome good Danish (or Norwegian) speaking applicants! Research administration – and life – is very much the same in Denmark and Sweden, and also different in interesting ways. The common picture of Sweden painted in Danish media is a caricature, which I hope everyone is aware of.

The staff at Research Services is a group of dedicated, very competent and also very friendly and pleasant people. Finally, living in Denmark and working in Sweden has some tax benefits and is eminently possible, I can say with confidence and out of own experience. If you are interested or maybe just curious, don't hesitate to contact me at olaf.svenningsen@fsi.lu.se

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