DARMA Update 8 February

08 Feb 2018 10:35 | Olaf Svenningsen (Administrator)

One week into my new job at Lund University, and the chaos that has reigned over the past two months is slowly turning into a more manageable situation. Below, I very briefly describe first impressions from Lund, but first some DARMA business:

  • Today is the last day for EARMA’s early-bird registration for the Annual Conference, so if you are planning on going to Brussels, it is a very good idea to register today; the savings are substantial. 
  •  EARMA is also organizing an event in Brussles on 9 March to launch an EARMA Thematic Group on ethics in collaboration with the Ethics and Research Integrity Sector of DG RTD (ERIS). Read more about the event here…
  • DARMA recently announced a meeting facilitation workshop to be held at CBS on 24 April. The workshop is offered by Brain2Business and has been specially designed for DARMA’s members. Check it out and register at DARMA.dk…
  • The program for DARMA’s Annual Meeting, 17–18 May in Nyborg, is almost completed, and we will open for registration as soon as possible. The theme of the meeting is “Research Impact”, and it is also 10 years since DARMA’s constituting general assembly.

Since I have changed jobs and now work in Sweden, this will be my last Annual Meeting as the Association’s chair, and I hope to see as many of you in Nyborg as possible!

There has been a couple of events in DARMA recently, the impact workshop at DTU on January 29th had an attendance of 93, which I think is very impressive. DARMA’s Special Interest Group for Staff Management in Research Support (erfa-gruppe for personaleledelse) met earlier this week (if you are a staff manager/ have “personaleansvar” and would like to join the group, please let me know). More about these meetings will follow, but I would like to remind you that organizing a Westensee Workshop is a really good way to become involved with DARMA. Starting a Special Interest Group is also a good way to take initiative in a topic that you are interested in. You may choose any level of ambition you prefer, and you will never commit to more than you think is reasonable.

To end this blog, let me tell you a little bit about what it’s like to change job AND country. I have worked in Sweden before, so it’s not really new to me, but it’s been nine years and much has changed. An observation that I can’t help to make is that although exactly 300 years younger than Lund University, SDU is a good deal more traditional and hierarchical in its mode of operation. I don't mean to put any value in this, but the difference is striking.

Lund University is a huge, sprawling organization that is in the middle of many significant changes that affects Research Services, among them the simultaneous expiration of a large number of centers of excellence, and the establishment of the European Spallation Source. Other interesting challenges are new requirements regarding scientific misconduct and research ethics that are the responsibility of Research Services, and the “impact” discussion in all its forms and interpretations is very present. Finally, collaboration with Denmark is going to be one of my responsibilities, wonder why...?

In coming blogs, I will continue to give my impressions, as I become more settled in.

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