DARMA Update 19 May: Annual meeting, new DARMA board, EARMA conference, and summer is almost here!

19 May 2017 12:21 | Olaf Svenningsen (Administrator)

Today it is two weeks since DARMA’s Annual Meeting 2017 concluded in Nyborg. I have spent most of the time since then on vacation in Napoli, Italy, enjoying other pleasures than research management and administration; sunshine and good food.

This was the second year that DARMA used the venue in Nyborg for its Annual Meeting and the third time with the lunch-to-lunch format. All presentations from the meeting are available online at the conference page.

Almost half of the Annual Meeting delegates have evaluated the meeting, and at present – the evaluation is still not closed – ratings are on average very good to excellent. Input from the members is very important, so if you did attend the meeting, but still have not submitted your evaluation, you can do so until the end of this month. 

It is the Board’s intention to optimize networking opportunities and provide a varied and engaging program. For example, the Funders’ Forum and Hot Topic discussions seems to be working well, and will be repeated next year.

DARMA's Annual Meeting 2018 will be on 17-18 May 2018 at Hotel Sinatur Store Bælt in Nyborg, so you can reserve the date in your calendar already now! It is DARMA's 10th anniversary, and you don't want to miss it!

Immediately before the Annual Meeting, DARMA’s General Assembly was held, where the main item was the election of new board members. Karam Sidaros is stepping down as Treasurer of the Association – he has done a tremendous job and I cannot express how much I appreciate his effort – and Marianne Gauffriau was elected as DARMA’s new treasurer. Marianne has been on the board for two years, and a better choice could hardly have been made.

Two or three new board members were also elected: Jane Tymm-Andersen of Aalborg University and Nicolaj Toft Brenneche of Copenhagen University are new in the board, and Stine Wendelboe Bjorholm is sort of new. You see, Stine was on the board, but changed jobs in 2016 and stepped down from the board, but found out that research support is the better career path and came back, ran for a second term on DARMA’s board and was elected. All three will soon be presented in more detail to the members.

As always, DARMA members showed a strong presence at the EARMA Annual Conference in Valletta, Malta at the end of April. John Donovan stepped down as Chair, and the Treasurer, Sharon Bailey was elected new Chair of EARMA. I know Sharon very well, and EARMA has made an excellent choice. Sharon will be assisted by EARMA’s new Managing Director, Nik Claesen, and EARMA can definitely look forward to very interesting developments in the coming years.

Á propos EARMA:

First, EARMA has written a “postcard” on the future of European research together with a number of other organizations. This postcard text is cited on DARMA’s web pages too; if you agree (and personally, I find it hard to disagree), please feel free to share the postcard text in your own networks.

Second, remember that EARMA has an instrument named Open Lecture Access Forums, or OLAF. An OLAF makes it possible to invite a presenter at an EARMA event to come and repeat the presentation – possibly an extended version – at your institution. OLAF’s have been held in many countries – Spain, Italy, Iceland, Ireland and even the US – but never in Denmark. Check out the OLAF page at EARMA’s web and think about if you shouldn't organize an OLAF...

Finally, I want to point out that DARMA’s job ads can be shared on social media; check out the buttons/links in the upper left margin of each job ad. I write this because SDU recently added three job ads, and I shared them, resulting in well over 600 separate views from 15 countries in last three days.! The second reason I write this is that almost nobody is using this option. If you want to promote a job or help your institution attract the best applicants, you may wish to consider using this very simple way to get much, much more exposure.

So there. Now I will go to my office's spring party, and enjoy the first summer-like weekend this year. I hope I will not regret writing this about the weather, and wish all of DARMA’s members a very pleasant weekend!


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