Impact Toolbox

This toolbox is intended for members of DARMA, who are interested in how to address Impact in applications for funding.

What is Impact?

  • Members of the group: Nikolai Paulsen, KU; Hanne Dahl Mortensen og Lene Lykke Jønch-Clausen, SDU; Camilla Riel, RUC; Sasha Renate Bermann, DTU og Enno Hofeldt, CBS.

Support for making an impact

Resources to help you generate Impact.

  • Impact cookbook

  • Members of the group: Søren Haslund, KU; Jeaninecke Dahl Kristensen, DTU; Ann Catherine Findal Støy,SDU; Pernille H. Grøngaard, AU; Dixi Louise Strand, Region Sjælland; Nanna Steengaard Villumsen, AU; Dina Berenstein, DTU Aqua og Kirsten Gelting KU.

Developing your Pathway to Impact

How to write a good application statement.

Interesting papers related to Impact

Impact case studies

  • Good examples of impact

  • Members of the group: Hanne Andersen, ITU; Merete Borch, CBS; Marie Roloff; KU og Jane Tymm-Andersen, AAU.

Members of the SIG on Impact

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