DARMA Special Interest Groups (ERFA Groups)

The Special Interest Groups focuses on sharing ideas, exchange best practice and developing tools on how to manage today's challenges within the different fields. 

DARMA SIG's were established at the 2014 General Assembly at CBS in Copenhagen. A document describing the original SIG's presented at the 2014 GA can be downloaded here... 

Some SIG's have been short lived others durable. SIG's are only active as long as there is an actual member interest. An inactive SIG can always be re-activated if there is a demand for it. DARMA SIG's can be chaired by members or the board. Activities can be supported financially by prior approval from the DARMA Secretariat

Special Interest Groups are open for DARMA members only and login is required to access more information. 

Special Interest Groups

  • Impact
  • Personnel Management in RMA
  • Pre-Award (not active)
  • Contracts and collaboration agreements (not active)
  • Post-Award (not active)
  • Research Indicators (not active)
  • Research support at small institutions (not active)
  • Organising Research Support (not active)
  • Private Foundations (not active)
  • Strategy (not active)

Reach out to us, if you want to join an active Special Interest Group or to re-activate one of the dormant Special Interest Groups.

There are no forums to include.

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