DARMA Topical Networks

DARMA hosts topical networks. Those are forums for issues relating to special topics in relation to research funding. The idea is simple: DARMA provides a discussion platform that is easy to access, and a contact list of the forum members.

Topical networks are running as long as there is an interest and engagement of the members. To access a network, you must either be a full DARMA member or register as a DARMA network member, the latter is free of charge and does not give access to any other DARMA benefits.

Some Topical Networks have been short lived others durable. Topical Networks are only active as long as there is an actual member interest. An inactive Topical Network can always be re-activated if there is a demand for it. The Topical Network can be chaired by members or the board. Activities can be supported financially by prior approval from the DARMA Secretariat

Links to the topical networks are found in the left menu.

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